Friday, August 11, 2006

Oh, baby!

I have spent most of my day thus far folding t-shirts for the Cast-Iron Chef competition and Gourmet Garden. I feel like I'm in retail . . .

Anyway, this is what I've been thinking about while folding.

I am not going to allow myself to knit anything until I finish with the stuff I'm knitting for my cousin's baby. I'm making the One-Hour Baby Booties from SnBN and Bubby from Knitty. It's been somewhat problematic . . . though I haven't really tried. I knit tightly, which makes the inc1's in the booties kinda a bitch . . . I keep getting about four rows into it, then frogging what I have because when I'm working on the inc1's I tend to lose stitches off of my needle and I just get frustrated. I wonder if going up a needle size would help -- I don't really think it would. Luckily, it's a small project. I was going to go ahead and knit Bubby first, but the yarn was terrible. I was going to use Caron Simply Soft in Gray Heather, and the skein was so tangled together that I could barely knit an inch without having to stop and untangle it. I think I'm just going to toss the skein, seriously. It only cost $1.27. After work, I'm going to try to get some Red Heart Supersaver or some Bernat for Bubby. I need to get the fiberfill, too. The baby is coming in about three weeks, and his name will be Asher. Aww, how cute!!

The other thing I've been thinking about is CROCHETING. When I started knitting, oh so very long ago (in late May), I knew that I wanted to knit instead of crochet. When I think crochet, I think about my former aunt (she got a divorce from my uncle) who always smelled like cigarettes and crocheted things that can only be described as fugly. A couple of weeks ago the boy's mother asked me if I would knit a hat for her granddaughter (the boy's niece). She wears hats all the time, but she just can't find one in red, which is her favorite color. I told the boy's mom to get a sample hat for me to go by, and I'd be happy to make one. She gave me the hat, and it's actually crochet. Since I've already said I'm going to make one, I'm not going to back down. I've been toying with the idea of crocheting for a while, but I'm so in love with all things knit that I'm not sure how I'll feel about it. I know that a lot of knitters crochet, though, and I've seen some really cute crochet patterns. I think that when I finish the baby stuff I'm going to reward myself with the Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller. There are some really cute patterns in there, and I think I can figure out how to crochet the hat myself with some basic knowledge. I do know that it's shell stitch, but that's about the extent of my crochet knowledge.

I also have been totally wanting a sewing machine lately.

Someday, I will be satisfied.

Until then, I will continue folding t-shirts.

Lots & lots of love <3


Blogger Knitted_Painting said...

aww, Asher,that's a lovely name^_^ it reminds me of this song called Brimful of Asha by Cornershop...dang now it's stuck in my head again!
Shellstitch really isn't hard and the SnB:HH is the best crochet book ever (seriously it's like my bible lol) and it has great tutorials in it so I know you can do it!^_^ I was kind of cautious about crochet aswell in the beginning but now I just love it, plus it usually is a lot faster then knitting which is great when you want something done quick!
ahh folding t-shirts..I actually did that as a temp job in a factory..which is why I quit after 2days lol
Lots of love!^_^

1:48 PM  
Blogger Knitted_Painting said...

Thank you I'm glad you liked the post^_^ I'll have to take a picture of the outhouse someday so you can laugh at it lol!

I hope you were able to solve the knitting problem.
Lots of love^_^

5:22 PM  

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