Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A moment to breathe.

This week, work has been hoppin'. I'm not complaining, though -- it's much better than sitting here and being bored.

I finished my socks last night . . . not great, but certainly not terrible. They're only my third completed project. I'll have pictures as soon as I get around to takin' 'em. I need to do a little finishing work . . . I think I might screw up picking up stitches because there are little holes on the side. Hmm, how to fix it? My Knucks are coming along great and should be finished pretty soon. That raises the question of what to knit next. These are my next few projects . . . most of them are small.

* One-Hour Baby Booties (SnBN) for my cousin Melanie's baby.
* Bubby, also for Melanie's baby (to be born in September).
* Cable Knit Purse, for me! My friend Wes wants to learn to knit cables, too, so we may have a cable party.
* Skull Bikini, for my best friend Alex.
* WWII Vest (x2) for my boy.

That's a good start.

Only 10 minutes left of work . . . I can't wait to go home!!!



Blogger Knitted_Painting said...

yay you finished your socks! I'm sorry but as you know I'm also a beginner so I don't know how to fix the holes yet..I'd just sew them up on the back lol
I'm going to knit my first cable aswell soon. It'll be a cable bag from the GarnStudio site ( (sorry I don't know how to put links in comments) I think it looks kool and easy enough.
anywho hope your feeling better ^_^

9:40 AM  

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