Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I've definitely been neglecting my personal blog . . . I've been trying to figure out why so many people on the Knucks KAL are having trouble -- blogger says they have all received invites, I promise! Anyway, I'm reeeeeeeeally excited about starting those Knucks!!

Since I've never used dpns before, I decided to do some practice. So, I'm making socks! The pattern is from the Knit Nook, and Kristin is very helpful. They are made using size 9 dpns, which is HUGE for socks, and Lamb's Pride Superwash in Serendipity Turquoise. Look at how pretty the color is:

I promise I'll have pictures soon. I've actually already taken 'em, but I usually hook up to the wireless internet at the coffee shop for my personal computer, and it's really crappy for uploading pics. One day I'll be patient enough to sit still while they upload. Next Monday I'm going to learn how to turn the heel and all that, but I've knitted up to that point. It's cake using dpns, which is good, 'cos I'm uber pumped about those Knucks and now I have the confidence to make 'em.

I've also made lots of progress on my cardigan, despite lots of unkitting (I learned that when you're sick and exhausted, you end up with lots of unintentional holes in your work.) All that's left is knitting the sleeves and finishing! I'd love to finish it by Saturday.

My boyfriend has requested THREE sweater vests, inspired by this album cover:

He wants one in kind of army drab green, a heathered gray and a camel/khaki color. I'm going to use Sev's pattern, and probably Lamb's Pride Worsted, since I know it knits up to 4 1/2 sts/" with size 8 needles and I've used it lots and lots. I told him that I love him, but not enough to knit him a sweater vest on size 4 or 5 needles -- he's just gonna have to deal with the bigger gauge. Actually, I just looked at the pattern again, and it's knit on 6's, which wouldn't be TOO bad, but 8's are better :) After all, there is the sweater curse to worry about. I hope that since the vest has no sleeves, my relationship will be curse-free. I did give him my first scarf, and got compliments instead of a break-up.

Theoretically, I should be working right now, since (after all) I'm at work. But, I think I'm going to browse patterns again, or maybe make a list of the next several things I wanna make, in order, since I'm getting really far on the cardigan and I think my ribbed scarf is going to be in UFO territory until the weather gets colder. It's just so *boring!*

Lots of knitting love <3

P.S. I have no idea where my SnB book is. Hopefully, it's in the back of my car somewhere.


Blogger Lani said...

Sweater vests are great. I have two of them, myself. I want to make my Hubby a vest too. But he kind of looks at me like I am weird when I suggest it. Men! So, rock on to the boyfriend who like sweater vests.

3:33 PM  
Blogger msfortuknit said...

I love how excited you are Tawn'! And I agree with Lani, Sweater Vests are great

4:03 PM  
Blogger KnitXcorE said...

I concurr... i had actually dyed some yarn to make myself a sweater vest and it turned out not to be enough :-( I wish my socks were on 9's... i'm working on 4's right now..... i'm not friends w/ small needles. yeah the strokes are pretty amazing, everyone at work gets kinda annoyed 'cuz i just rotate the yeah yeah yeah's, pretty girls make graves and the strokes... oh well, congrats on the socks! i can't w8 to see 'em.

6:57 PM  
Blogger steelboy28 said...

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1:51 PM  

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