Monday, June 26, 2006

Finished Zeeby's Bag!!

I've determined that I hate sewing, but I finally finished putting together the pieces for Zeeby's bag, and it's cute. I really do hate sewing the seams, though, and I'm not completely satisfied with how they turned out. I wasn't quite sure how to sew garter stitch to stockinette stitch. Nonetheless, I'm proud of my little bag and brought it to work today to show off. I just used one color (Brown Sheep Company's Oatmeal), and put some buttons on it from Kopilot. There are two small buttons -- an owl and a tree -- created by artist Kathleen Lolley. I made a little progress on my ribbed scarf, but the most important accomplishment for the weekend is finishing about seven inches of my first cardigan!! I cast on right before my boyfriend's gig on Friday night and knitted while he played, then took it to another show yesterday. All seven inches have officially been knit in bars thus far -- I guess it's better to knit than to get wasted. The cardigan is coming along way more quickly than expected, and my goal is to finish it in a week. Just a few more inches and I'll start the armhole shaping ^_^! My next garmet is going to be the WWII vest from Severina's site. I've never used needles smaller than size 8 U.S., but I'm up to the challenge. The next Saturday I have free, I'm going to go up to the Knit Nook and start on a simple 'lil hat. So much I wanna knit!! Between now and then, though, I'll post pictures of my bag and my progress on my cardigan.



Blogger Lani said...

Pssst...I saw the cable bag you posted at Punk Rock Knit Girls. I found a pattern for the knock off version. It was completely by accident. I wanted to let you know. The lady who wrote the pattern even mentions that it's the knock off.
( I posted this info also in the comments at PRKG's. Happy bag knitting. :-)

11:03 AM  
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